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The Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest Round 12

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Download the finalist’s entries from the The Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest Round 12 now!

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UPDATE 7/7/16

Exciting news for S.K. Valenzuela - she is now represented by management company Super Vision! Way to go S.K.!

UPDATE 6/5/16

During S.K. Valenzuela's visit to Los Angeles, she stopped by Pilar Alessandra's On The Page Studios and discussed the similarities of writing poetry and films. You can listen to the entire Podcast interview here: The Poetry of The Page

UPDATE 5/12/16

Winner S.K. Valenzuela stopped by The Writers Store before she headed off to some big meetings for the day. Plus a photo op with her ScriptXpert Coach Mario O. Moreno! Best of luck SK!

UPDATE 3/15/16

We are happy to share the first 15 pages from the ten finalists screenplays for the 12th round of The Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest. Download for free and happy reading!

UPDATE 2/29/16

Join us as we congratulate S.K. Valenzuela, winner of the 12th round of The Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest with her script Render.

UPDATE 10/9/15

The 12th round of the Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest submissions were some most of the imaginative to date - from lost ancient Mongolian tombs to President John Adams traveling back in time to the Civil War - the creativity was rich. 

Join us as we congratulate the 10 finalists!

David John Hall - Beneath
Charlie West - Nicholas
Joshua Frazar - The Laws of Men
Collin Watts & Leon Langford - The Tomb
Melanie Toast - Forgotten Curses
S.K. Valenzuela - Render
Helena Derett - Eyes of The Sun
Kajal Naidu - The Vetala
Costi Gurgu - The Red Death
Megan Bickel - Attached

Win an A-List Screenwriter Experience and Gain Unparalleled Access

Break out your scriptwriting software and get to work, because the Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest gives you the unique opportunity to turn one of these three loglines into a solid spec screenplay that could be your ticket to Hollywood success.

Can you turn a provided logline into a killer spec script? Working from one of these loglines, you’re challenged to create up to the first 15 pages of an original script based on the given concept. Make it your own - drama, action, sci-fi... anywhere your imagination takes you.

Logline #1

“When a young archaeologist is selected to a team to excavate a recently-uncovered lost city, an ancient curse is unleashed that will forever change the course of her life.”

Logline #2

“A founding father falls through a time vortex and finds himself trapped in another era of US history.”

Logline #3

“A lost child makes an unlikely friend while trying to find their way back home - but is this new friend there to help or hinder the child's quest?”

The Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest is an international screenwriting competition that facilitates relationships between new writers and Industry leaders looking to help aspirants embark on writing careers.

Ready to get started?

Step 1. Enter today to take part in the Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest and submit your entry or entries anytime before the final submission date. Securing your entry today is a great way to motivate yourself to get down to writing!

Step 2. Write up to the first 15 pages of an original script based on one or more of the following loglines, provided by The Writers Store and partnered companies. Make it your own and take your time—once you’ve submitted your entry fee, your 15 pages aren’t due until the final deadline.

Step 3. Submit your script(s) using the instructions provided when you purchase your entry or entries.

Contest Feedback Option

Want to get a head start on the competition? Get preliminary feedback on your 15-page entry using our Contest Feedback Option. With this professional service, you receive:

  • Overall Notes on your initial submission
  • A rating of Pass or Consider as a Finalist
  • A chart rating on Concept, Plot, Pacing/Structure, Format, Characters and Dialogue

How the rest of the contest works

All submissions will be carefully read by studio readers, who are looking for both a unique take on the logline and/or a superior writing ability.

Ten finalists will be chosen from the submissions and will enter into an intensive 12-week coaching program that provides week-by-week feedback on their final submission.

With an overall prize package exceeding $15,000 and a history of past finalists securing representation, the Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest is worth your consideration.

Prize Package

Twelve 50-minute sessions over the course of 90 days, in which you’ll go from idea to finished draft.12-week ScriptXpert Story Specialists mentoring program

Finalists receive a copy of Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 to professionally format their work.

This award-winning screenwriting software formats movies, television, novels, stage plays and even comic book scripts, making it the only program for all types of creative writing.

An e-book copy of the Hollywood Screenwriting Directory

With over 3,500 listings for Industry insiders such as studios, production companies, and independent financiers.

An e-book copy of the The Pocket Screenwriting Guide:120 Tips to Getting to FADE OUT

Leads you through classic Hollywood storytelling with 120 succinct tips – mirroring the standard page length for a 2-hour film.

Finalists submit their rough drafts to our studio script readers for comprehensive ScriptXpert Extended Coverage Development Notes

An extensive report with detailed information on concept, structure, pacing, dialogue and more. It also includes feedback and recommendations for improving the script and making it more marketable.

Our judges of Industry Insiders (Benderspink, Untitled Entertainment, Super Vision, Pannon Entertainment, and more to be announced) evaluate the completed screenplays and choose a winner.

The lucky winner receives an A-List Screenwriter Experience, including:

3-Day Stay in Los Angeles
Lush Accommodations at a swanky Hollywood Hotel
One-on-one Meetings with these Top Companies: Benderspink, Untitled Entertainment, Super Vision, Pannon Entertainment and more to be announced!

Get writing now and enter your submission for your chance to win!

Looking for regulations, and/or answers to specific questions? Check out the Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest’s Rules and FAQs now.

Thanks to our sponsor Write Brothers!

Contest Closed

Contest Details:

For feedback on your contest submission click on Enter Contest w/ Feedback for an additional $20 fee.

For general contest submission click on Enter Contest.

  • Contest Begins: June 1, 2015
  • Early Deadline: June 30, 2015
  • Early Fee: $40
  • Standard Deadline: August 31, 2015
  • Standard Fee: $50
  • Extend Deadline: September 30, 2015
  • Extended Fee: $75
  • Finalists Announced: October 9, 2015
  • Mentor Program Begins: October 2015
  • Mentor Program Completes: January 2016
  • Winner Announced: February 2016
  • Meetings: March 2016

Contest Testimonials:

“No other screenplay contest offers what the Industry Insider Contest does — a chance to develop your script alongside an industry professional. Some contests are about cash and prizes. The Industry Insider Contest is about advancing your career and developing material that can be successful in the marketplace. It’s about opening up doors.”

- Tyler Marceca, The Disciple Program – Contest Winner (Robert Mark Kamen Round)

“If you’re lucky enough to be a finalist in The Industry Insider Contest you’ve already won. The prizes are great, but the knowledge you gain from working with their mentors is invaluable. I went from my first fifteen pages to a polished feature length script in just a few months and learned plenty of new tricks of the trade.” – Mickey Fisher, (writer and creator of CBS TV Show Extant), The Marginal Way – Contest Winner (Susannah Grant Round)

“After my wonderful experience with the contest, I became a full time writer and landed on this year’s (2014) Blacklist while securing representation at Management 360 and APA. Along with my Blacklist spec going out now, I have a TV pilot that is being produced by TV360.”

- Leo Sardarian, Historia (Simon Kinberg Round)

“I took the screenplay I wrote for the Industry Insider Contest and turned it into a television pilot. That pilot went on to win Best Original TV Drama in the 2013 Creative World Awards. The guidance I received from my Story Specialist mentor really helped me nail down the concept and the characters, and I think that’s part of the reason the pilot was so successful. Thanks to the work I did during my time with the contest, almost everything was in place when I sat down to craft the pilot. All I had to do was expand the story line a bit and change the formatting!”

- Jennifer Green,Triangle (Todd Garner Round)

“There’s a really wonderful sense – from the beginning of the contest on — of how invested everyone at The Writers Store is in helping the finalists write a great script. From Mario’s, my Story Specialist’s, weekly call to the amazingly detailed Development Notes after the rough draft, to the terrific, encouraging updates and emails throughout, there’s a great sense of motivation and professionalism that’s very inspiring. I can’t say enough about this screenwriting contest. If I could, I would be a perpetual finalist!”

- Joshua Rebell, Old Boys Club – Contest Winner (Allan Loeb Round)

“I have a B.A. in Screenwriting, but I am an even better writer for having been a finalist in the Industry Insider Competition. This is boot camp for screenwriters — and it only takes fifteen pages to open the door to an invaluable experience. You’d be crazy to pass this up.”

- Kelsey Rude, Imaginary Bachelor (Allan Loeb Round)

“The whole experience was just fun — and instilled in me a work ethic and a drive to write which has persisted even after the contest’s end. Because of the Industry Insider Contest, I’m a better writer and I have a complete screenplay that I never would have written otherwise. It’s way too awesome an experience for any writer to pass up.”

- Zan Gillies, The Dark Side of Eden (Robert Mark Kamen Round)

“Just like a character in a screenplay, I started the contest hoping the reward would appear at the end of my journey and then realized that the reward was the journey itself. This is a contest you have to enter if you want to become a better writer.”

- Dan O’Donahue, The Magnesian Protocol (Robert Mark Kamen Round)

“If you are going to enter a screenwriting contest, then pick this one. In my opinion, this prize package is one of the very best in the industry.”

- Kari Ciardi, Alien Underground (Robert Mark Kamen Round)

“I wish everyone had the opportunity that I did and wish all of the future contestants the best of luck. Remember, being in the ‘top ten’ IS winning because the rest is up to you.”

- John Torma, Salmon Falls (Robert Mark Kamen Round)

Copy and past this link in your browser to read more testimonials: http://www.writersstore.com/industry-insider-contest-testimonials