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ScriptXpert Script Search: The Asylum

UPDATE 3/10/15

More buzz about the four optioned scripts by The Asylum has been highlighted on other great online sites MovieBytes, Student Filmmakers and ScriptMag!

UPDATE 3/3/15

The big news has been highlighted on online site Broadway World - read more here.

UPDATE 1/15/15

The Asylum selects their top picks!

Deadly Views - Bill Johnston

The Forest - Gregory Livingston

Sexy Comedy
Horn Dog - Mike Davidson

The French Disaster - Ian Mcnulty

Join us as we congratulate these four writers. Be sure to check back often on updates about the writers, their projects and The Asylum.

UPDATE 12/15/14

The ScriptXpert team is pleased to announce the considerations of the first round of the Script Search service featuring The Asylum. Please join us as we congratulate the top 4 writers in each category and wish them luck! 

The Asylum's optioned screenplays will be announced January 15, 2015. 

3 to 11 – Jeff Rosenberg
Inhuman Beings – David Katz
Deadly Views – Bill Johnston
Who Were You? – Julian Smith
“Untitled” – Robert Broderick

Mutilated – Hilliard Guess
The Forest – Gregory Livingston
Wild Game - Robbie Robertson 
Pattison Hill – Glen Mackenzie
The White Witch - Viet Huynh

Sexy Comedy
The Grind – Jacob Mynatt
Virile – Carlton Saito
Loose Balls – Thomas Johnson
Horn Dog – Mike Davidson
Buck Naked – Thomas Johnson

Every Dog – William Applegate
The French Disaster – Ian Mcnulty

A New Way to Break into the Industry and Sell Your Screenplay

The Asylum is a motion picture production, financing, and worldwide distribution studio that fully finances and produces 15-25 titles per year. Its North American home entertainment division has released over three hundred titles to date. Their credits include Sharknado, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, and Paranormal Entity.

The top genres The Asylum seeks are Thriller, Horror, Sexy Comedy, and Disaster, and they are a production company that’s serious about finding new material to produce. Do you have what it takes to submit a script that The Asylum could take to market?

The ScriptXpert Script Search aims to discover new material on behalf of leading Production Companies, Producers and Execs, with the possibility of the selected screenwriter’s script getting optioned and/or purchased and produced.

The team at ScriptXpert evaluates, rates and generates abridged coverage for each submission. The highest rated four scripts in each category are submitted to The Asylum for acquisition consideration, but all submissions are accessible by The Asylum.

The top four screenwriters whose screenplays are in consideration will receive exposure on ScriptMag.com (the leading online resource for scriptwriters), increasing awareness of their work and talent within the Industry. Plus, all entrants will receive a copy of their abridged coverage.

Ready to get started?

Step 1. Click on one or more of the genres at the right-hand corner of the page to enter the ScriptXpert Script Search. You may submit an entry for one or all four genres. The entrance price is a reading fee for the coverage required to evaluate submitted material. Upon successful checkout, you will receive instructions on how to send in your script.

You may send in your script(s) anytime before the final submission date. Securing your entry today is a great way to motivate yourself to get down to writing!

Step 2. Write and submit an original screenplay in any of the genres provided by The Asylum, or submit an original screenplay you’ve already written that adheres to the specifications listed below. And take your time—once you’ve signed up and submitted your entry fee, your script isn’t due until the final deadline.

Genre Choices & Specifications

The Asylum seeks scripts in the Thriller, Horror, Sexy Comedy, and Disaster genres. They have very specific elements they’re looking for, so be sure to carefully read through the genre descriptions below, and only submit scripts that meet the requirements.


In the vein of Cape Fear, Fatal Attraction, and Taken, The Asylum is seeking suspense-driven, high stakes scripts, with thriller beats happening from top to bottom. True stories are a plus, provided the writer owns the rights or the story is publicly available. Women in peril stories work particularly well for The Asylum. Psychological Thrillers are also acceptable, provided there is genuine danger throughout.


The Asylum tends to make narrative haunted house movies based on true haunted houses (or hotels, hospitals, etc.), and also found-footage movies. But they are also open to other horror concepts including creatures. They DO NOT want slashers or horror-comedy.

Sexy Comedy

Raunchy comedies are big for The Asylum (think American Pie). They do not want any other kind of comedy. These should be hard R with explicit nudity, sexual situations, and adult humor. But they should not be dark, gross, or violent.


The disasters should be natural. No man-made catastrophes. They should be HUGE, like a Roland Emmerich movie. Disaster beats need to be happening from top to bottom. The Asylum prefers families in jeopardy, or everyday people thrust into situations they can’t understand or control (i.e. The Impossible). They don’t want scripts that focus on the government/military/law enforcement/emergency worker response, nor do they want the protagonists to be scientists or experts. Science can be bent and molded if it makes the disaster more epic, but this must be done in an artful way. There can be more than one type of disaster happening (e.g. an earthquake causes a volcano).

About The Asylum

Founded in 1997, The Asylum is a motion picture production, financing, and worldwide distribution studio. With facilities in Burbank, California, The Asylum fully finances and produces 15-25 titles per year and its North American home entertainment division has released over three hundred titles to date. Credits include Sharknado, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, Zombie Apocalypse, Mother, Blood Lake, Paranormal Entity, and A Snow Globe Christmas.

Are you a producer or part of a production company that would like to take part in the ScriptXpert Script Search? Contact us now to be featured in our next round.

Contest Closed


  • Submissions Begin: 10/1/2014
  • Submissions End: 11/30/2014
  • Submission Fee: $50
  • Considered Scripts Announced: 12/15/2014
  • Optioned Script Announced: 1/15/2015


  • Why is there an entry fee?
    The entry fee is for the coverage required to evaluate submitted material and all entrants will receive a copy of their abridged coverage.
  • How much will the option or purchase price be?
    Option and purchase amount is negotiated directly with the participating company, unless otherwise specified.
  • Can I submit a script that is currently optioned?
    Scripts being considered cannot already be optioned and they must be free and clear of any attachments by any other producers.
  • Does ScriptXpert take a cut of the possible option or purchase price?
    No. ScriptXpert is not acting as an Agent or Manager and does not receive a commission or percentage for placed material.
  • Who evaluates the submitted scripts?
    ScriptXpert is the largest Coverage and Development Notes provider in the Industry, serving aspiring, professional and studio writers. Our Readers are experienced professionals who know what agents, managers and producers look for in a screenplay.
  • Who may enter the ScriptXpert Script Search?

    Individuals aged 18 years or older may enter.
  • I don’t live in the United States. May I still enter?
    Yes, ScriptXpert accepts International entries. However, we only accept English-language scripts, unless otherwise noted.
  • Can a writing team enter the ScriptXpert First Look Script Search?

    Yes, scripts authored by two people are accepted. Only one entry fee per script is required. However, there is only one option and purchase amount.