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The Productivity Bundle

Staying productive and keeping the words flowing can be a challenge. That's why the Writers Store has put together a BRAND NEW productivity kit to help you stay focused! In this exclusive bundle, you receive four writing resources that will help you:
  • Set clear goals—and achieve them.
  • Build techniques for balancing writing time and your day-to-day life.
  • Develop strategies for brainstorming, organization, and establishing a writing rhythm.
  • Discover tricks to stop procrastinating and get out of your own way.
  • Make the most of your writing time early in the morning or late at night.
With this bundle, you'll be able to create the writing life you desire!

Package includes:

The Productive Writer - Ebook

$6.99 if bought separately

Take Control of Your Writing Life! The creative process can be treacherous, even for the most experienced writer. Facing the blank page, staying inspired, sustaining momentum, managing competing priorities and coping with rejection are just a few of the challenges writers face regularly. The Productive Writer is your guide to learning the systems, strategies and psychology that can help you transform possibilities into probabilities in your...

How To Be a Writer Without Losing Your Mind: Balancing Work, Life, and Craft - On Demand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

Being a writer can make you crazy. The writer's life is at once invigorating and exhausting, it can be isolating and wonderfully social, inspiring as well as demeaning. As writers we bring our deepest, most sensitive selves to the page, and often the world can feel like a hyper-critical and uncaring receiver, where competition, criticism, and even the success of others can make writing feel like a chore, or worse-utterly terrifying. And yet, ...

Fire Up Your Writing Brain - Ebook

$7.20 if bought separately

You'll appreciate Fire Up Your Writing Brain if: You're a writer of any genre looking for exercises to help you improve your craft You're looking for practical techniques to train yourself to a stronger writer You want to become a more creative, productive and successful writer Fire Up Your Writing Brain takes a scientific approach to training writers. Backed by neuroscience, this book presents a compelling concept: anyone can train the...

10 Practical Tips for More Consistent, Productive Writing - OnDemand Edition

$79.00 if bought separately

As a writer, you know that nothing is more important (and satisfying) than seeing your writing projects go from start to finish. But that isn't always easy when you're on your own—isolation, resistance, unstructured time, and distractions all get in the way of the consistent, productive, and professional writing habits you need to see your writing through to “Done!” This 75-minute session will bring to life 10 practical tips you can use ...

Writer with a Day Job - Ebook

$6.99 if bought separately

Don't let the daily grind drain your creative energy! You can work full time and have a productive writing life. Many writers waste time waiting for the day they can finally quit their day jobs and live the so-called writing dream. Don't wait. You can do both—and your writing will be the better for it. Balancing a full-time job and a productive writing life is no easy feat, but author Áine Greaney gives you the exercises, inspiration, and t...