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Critical Tools to Create an Emotional Connection with Your Audience

Take your writing to the next level! Without the proper foundation, you cannot connect with your readers on an emotional level. In this collection, you will have a variety of intensive tools and techniques for instilling emotion into plots, characters, dialogue, and settings in order to achieve that WOW! feeling in your story. These tools will keep you focused on the heart and soul of your work so that plot, character, and theme create a unified story.

Package includes:

Writing with Emotion, Tension and Conflict - Ebook Edition

$12.97 if bought separately

Connecting with the reader on an emotional level is a vital skill that every writer must learn to master. Whatever the genre, emotion, tension, conflict, and pathos are essential to hooking the reader's interest from the very first page. Writing With Emotion, Tension, and Conflict gives writers a variety of intensive tools and techniques for instilling emotion into plots, characters, dialogue, and settings in order to achieve the highest impa...

Creating Compelling Emotional Conflict - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

Many screenwriters focus on the rising conflict of the plot while foregoing the emotional stakes of their characters. Building the emotional conflicts of central characters is what moves an audience and creates films that are truly memorable and commercially successful.  You will learn practical tools to make an audience connect with your characters on a deep, primal level.  The webinar will be taught by Glenn M. Benest, award winning screen...

Key Emotions of Storytelling - Video Download

$29.99 if bought separately

Seasoned screenwriter and script consultant Karl Iglesias will walk you through the essential emotions of storytelling in this must-have instructional video.  Did you know that lack of tension is the most common flaw in amateur scripts and at the same time it's the most essential storytelling emotion? In this how-to video, Karl Iglesias will walk through a collection of dramatic techniques that will help you evoke key emotions from your view...

Pixar’s Emotional Core: The Essential Element in all Successful Stories - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR If you’re looking to take your writing to the next level, join UCLA instructor and author Karl Iglesias as he discusses the most critical foundation of all Pixar films -- the story’s emotional core, also known as “the heart of the story.” Through screenshots and in-depth analysis, Karl will guide you through the master storytelling techniques Pixar uses to hook all of us into the story. He will also explain what makes us ca...

Writing Strong Crisis and Climax Scenes: The Two Keys to Screenplays That Connect with Audiences (and Hollywood) - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR What is about the two major plot turning points in a story? Is the confusion about the two most important scenes simply because crisis and climax begin with the same letter? More likely the problem lies in not understanding the sequence involved in twisting the dramatic action at key points in a story and deepening the ultimate character emotional transformation. Whatever the reason, writers confuse the two scenes. That con...

The Power of the Transformational Arc: Making stories more emotional, meaningful and marketable - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR Every writer has a wealth of creative potential, but it can be a daunting if not impossible task to gain access to those interior places where the true power of story is waiting to be unleashed. In this webinar Dara Marks, author of Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc, teaches writers how to create a natural story structure that reflects the authentic nature of the human experience. Her innovative method f...

45 Master Characters: Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters - Ebook Edition

$16.99 if bought separately

Every novelist, screenwriter, and storyteller faces the challenge of creating original and exciting characters. Archetypes—mythic, cross-cultural models from which all characters originate—provide a solid foundation upon which to fashion new and vastly different characters to populate your story.  Recommended by Library Journal, 45 Master Characters explores the most common male and female archetypes, provides instructions for using them to ...

How to Create a Badass Main Character In Any Genre - OnDemand

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR One of the most common problems in screenplays is a weak main character.  The supporting characters may shine, but the protagonist feels thin, directionless, and often “dead” on the page.  Without a compelling main character, your story has no center, no core, no narrative force to drive the story forward.  And with no viable main character, agents, producers, studios, and actors will toss your script on the dreaded “pile.”...