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Write a Gripping Crime Script

September Only!

Writing a script with believable yet thrilling details is one of the main challenges of the mystery, thriller or crime genres. In this value pack, get the tried and true tactics of the most popular screenwriters to help you finish a script that keeps your readers on the edges of their seats.

In these seven, must-have resources, you'll find the keys to unlocking your very own mysteries and thrillers. Learn what forensic details are crucial to a believable story and how to weave them in seamlessly. Write the appropriate and relevant weapons into your script to make your villains and victims come alive.

Package includes:

Find, Develop, and Write a Gripping CRIME Script - OnDemand Edition

$79.00 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR What do you look for in a gripping crime story? Where do you look for information? Do you need to get life story rights? What about true crime stories and fictionalize elements of these true stories? Do some topics sell better than others? Discover answers to these questions (and many more!) and learn how to develop crime stories into scripts and treatments (and books and articles!). In this how-to webinar, veteran true cr...

Forensic Fundamentals and New Trends: How To Write Authentic Crime Stories - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR Forensic science is a highly intriguing and complex field that has exploded on the screen over the last 20 years. Writers who want to incorporate authentic investigative elements often find it daunting to know where to start and struggle to sound authentic and natural when writing forensics into a script. Jennifer will take you through a mini-forensic science program, much like the one she went through herself and that bir...

Everyone Can Spot A Fake - Video Download

$29.99 if bought separately

We can all spot a fake, right? The last thing you want is your audience becoming bored with your crime drama because your details lack the necessary authenticity to be believable. However, very few of us have the time, money or desire to spend years learning about forensic science. Jennifer Dornbush to the rescue! She’ll provide real-life examples from her years of working in the crime industry to help you write convincing scenes with fo...

Crime Scene 101: Death to Dust - Video Download

$29.99 if bought separately

WARNING: This presentation contains explicit images. Viewer discretion is advised. Dive into crime scene and death investigation and learn the details that only people in forensics and criminal justice know. In this how-to video, Professor Ron Armstrong, writer, script consultant and founder of Crime Scene 101: Hollywood’s Premiere Source for Forensic Education, will help you understand the underlying forensic principles that surround ...

Create a Compelling Mystery: Storytelling, Suspects, Clues, Crime-Solving Methods, Conclusions, and More - OnDemand Edition

$79.00 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR From SHERLOCK HOLMES to COLUMBO to LAW & ORDER and CSI, mysteries have endured through the decades. Indeed, trying to guess the identity of a killer while tagging along with the protagonist is a stimulating way to spend an hour in front of the television or days immersed in an engrossing novel. You strive to be smarter than the suspect, just as clever as the hero in pursuit—you want to figure it all out before anyone el...

Writers Research Series: The Secret to Writing Firearms and Knives - OnDemand

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR Critical plot points pivot often on characters' use of firearms and knives. However, many writers fall victim to pop culture clichés that don't accurately represent these important items. From terminology to tactics, depicting firearms and knives correctly can establish authority with an audience, make your writing stand out and prevent plot holes the size of bullet wounds. In this presentation, Ben Sobieck, author of the W...