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Writing Great Scenes Ultimate Collection

Available For a Limited Time!

Do you know what it takes to write a great scene? Your individual scenes serve to move your story forward and are often the most memorable building blocks of your film. With this collection, you will learn new craft principles that will help you become the screenwriter you have always wanted to be by creating powerful and memorable scenes and establish your unique voice. You’ll also learn how to connect audiences with scenes through actions, dialogue, images, and emotions. If you’re ready to create a powerful, emotional, and poignant scene, this collection is for you!

Package includes:

What Makes a Great Scene? - OnDemand Edition

$79.00 if bought separately

“A complete dramatic unit that moves the story forward” – that’s one working definition of the basic building block of all scripts and productions: the scene. But what does it really consist of? How does one make each “unit” both essential to the larger story and effective as a singular beat within it? Dialogue and description might be the two basic elements that a screenwriter has to work with – and it’s important to execute both on a profe...

Advanced Scene Writing: Break the Rules with Style - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR No one comes out of a movie talking about what great structure they’ve just seen.  No, what audiences love and remember most about a movie are its scenes.  Marlon Brando riding in a cab in On the Waterfront giving his “I could’a been a contender” speech.  Meg Ryan’s fake orgasm in Katz’s Deli in When Harry Met Sally.  Or in Super Bad, Jonah Hill professing “I love you” to his friend Michael Cera by touching his nose with a ...

Make a Scene: Crafting a Powerful Story One Scene at a Time - Ebook Edition

$14.99 if bought separately

Scenes are essential fictional units, and if a single unit falters, then an entire novel or short story can be weakened. While there is no paint-by-numbers formula for writing powerful scenes, writers can drastically improve their entire manuscripts by understanding the primary components of a given scene and how to manipulate those components to create the desired amount of drama, emotion, tension, energy, and intrigue. Make a Scene explains...

Building The Perfect Scene - Video Download

$29.99 if bought separately

Film audiences don’t leave the theatres thinking about how great a movie was structured. They remember charged moments and how the scenes made them feel. What audiences connect with most can be summarized in four words: actions, dialogue, images, and emotions. This how-to video draws from the most powerful scenes in history to help screenwriters create a story structure that elicits the same reaction from audiences. Developing a scree...

Mapping Out Memorable Scenes - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR Scenes are the building blocks of every script. Great scenes are what movies are all about. Yet those memorable scenes are only great because of the other scenes that surround them. In this webinar, screenwriter and instructor Tom Benedek will review specific scenes and analyze their dramatic components and structural ingredients—shedding light on the techniques necessary for mapping and creating compelling scenes in your o...

Writing Strong Crisis and Climax Scenes: The Two Keys to Screenplays That Connect with Audiences (and Hollywood) - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR What is about the two major plot turning points in a story? Is the confusion about the two most important scenes simply because crisis and climax begin with the same letter? More likely the problem lies in not understanding the sequence involved in twisting the dramatic action at key points in a story and deepening the ultimate character emotional transformation. Whatever the reason, writers confuse the two scenes. That con...

Furious Writing: Car Chases, Shoot-Outs & How to Write Action Scenes - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR Action scenes have been a staple of almost every genre in cinema since the first fiction film, and more important than ever in today’s cinema. But how much should you describe and how do you keep it interesting and emotionally engaging? How do you write an action scene that leaps off the page? This webinar will look at techniques like reversals, finding character and story related scenes, high concept and unique sc...

Writing Great Scenes - OnDemand Version

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR Too many writers think that a scene is just two people talking or arguing. Or they use the scene as an opportunity to advance the plot, reveal character, or simply make an impact through set-pieces. While there’s some validity to that, most amateur scenes tend to fall flat and disengage the reader, who ultimately tosses the script in the recycling bin. Writing great scenes requires talent, skill, know-how and practice. Wh...