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Mastering the High Concept Screenplay Premium Collection

Is your concept high enough? The concept is the core of the script. And most insiders agree that in Hollywood, the “idea is king.” Acquire the skills, habits, and mindset to generate story concepts – and lots of them. You will understand how to develop them, assess their commercial viability and find out what it takes to get producers, managers, and agents to sit up and take notice.

Package includes:

Story Concepts That Sell - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR The single most important choice you make when writing a spec script is the story concept. If you have a strong one, you have a shot at a sale. If not, you have zero chance. That’s why you must acquire the skills, habits, and mindset to generate story concepts – and lots of them – understand how to develop them, and assess their commercial viability. Scott Myers broke into the business as a screenwriter by selling the hig...

Is Your Concept High Enough? Webinar - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

About the Webinar In the fast and furious world of screenwriting for Hollywood, most everyone is familiar with “HIGH CONCEPT” but the real question is... Is your high concept high enough? In this webinar, The Unknown Screenwriter leads you through the maze of creating your own high concept before you start writing that knockout spec screenplay. Find out what it takes to get producers, managers, and agents to sit up and take notice of your ...

Writing High Concept Screenplays That Sell - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR Today in the Hollywood trades: script sells for millions of dollars. You're thinking, “Why not me?” And you're right! Why not you? Before you touch your keyboard, you’ll want to learn what types of scripts the studios pay millions of dollars for. Most likely, they are high concept screenplays. Think Pirates of the Caribbean and Toy Story. In this webinar, you will learn exactly what these screenplays are and what they aren...

Creating a Sellable Screenplay Concept: Learning from Loglines of Scripts that Sold in 2013 - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR Most working screenwriters understand that it’s the underlying premise of a screenplay that most determines its potential in the marketplace – and that the best premises can be expressed succinctly in a brief “logline” that sums up its unique and compelling hook.  But finding such a concept – and even understanding what makes a movie premise “sellable” – proves elusive for most writers, making it hard for their scripts and ...

The "Concept" Script: How to Hook Your Reader in the First-Five Pages - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR There are over 70,000 screenplays written every year by aspiring scribes looking to break into the lucrative and voraciously competitive spec marketplace. To stand out, a script has to make a great first impression. Not only does it have to be an original concept that can fill 90 – 120 pages, but that promise has to be made in the first 5 pages for a reader to read on. This webinar will demystify the process of creating a...

Creating High Concept Screenplay Ideas - On Demand Edition

$99.99 if bought separately

Writers—if they’re paying attention—come across a dozen potential story ideas every day, from snippets of overheard conversation, or an unusual headline, or a single image or gesture glimpsed out of the corner of the eye that starts the mind wandering. The real question is, How do we recognize those ideas that have the potential to be something more than a pleasant momentary distraction…that contain enough intrinsic intrigue, possibility, and...

From Premise to Page: Developing Your Screenplay Idea - OnDemand Edition

$79.99 if bought separately

ABOUT THE WEBINAR All great films and TV series start with a great idea. A premise. A thought. A hook. A visual. A character you’d love to write.   But how do you get from that great kernel of a concept to a vibrant and sellable script? How do you know if your idea is actually strong enough to BE a movie? And how do you distinguish which ideas are worth working on and which to cast aside? In this Webinar, we will go through exercises that ...