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The following items are not returnable: Hollywood Creative Directories, DVDs (opened), and Gift Certificates.

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Promotions & Packages

Writing Mysteries & Thrillers That Sell

Total List Price: $613.91
Package Price: $79.99

Writing a successful mystery novel or screenplay is more than just keeping readers intrigued or making an audience jump out of their seats. Even the smallest of details has to be authentic and believable to evoke the intended effect.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of building a plot with heinous crimes, meticulous investigations and disturbing characters that surprise your audience around every turn. With this exclusive collection, you get 12 incredible resources to help you write the most cutting-edge and current thriller that the reader won't want to put down.

First Impressions are Everything Collection

Total List Price: $399.95
Package Price: $69.99


It’s common knowledge that first impressions are everything. In fact, recent research has shown that an opinion formed within the first seven seconds of meeting you (or perhaps reading your introductory material) can stick for up to seven months before you are able to turn it around. In the competitive world of screenwriting, this means first impressions are especially important. Your first impression can literally make or break your career. If you’re just getting starting on pitching your idea or you’re not sure you’re making a good first impression, this collection is for you. Included are four recorded webinars and a video download designed to help you make sure you’re representing your best self.

Don’t wait! This collection is only available in June!

Mastering the High Concept Screenplay Premium Collection

Total List Price: $579.93
Package Price: $74.99

Is your concept high enough? The concept is the core of the script. And most insiders agree that in Hollywood, the “idea is king.” Acquire the skills, habits, and mindset to generate story concepts – and lots of them. You will understand how to develop them, assess their commercial viability and find out what it takes to get producers, managers, and agents to sit up and take notice.