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Guy Magar

Guy Magar was nine years old when he left Egypt in 1958. His family immigrated to the U.S., where he grew up in Middletown, NY. Graduating from Rutgers University with a B.A. in philosophy, Guy began his film career at the London Film School.

Guy has over 100 film credits, including La Femme Nikita, The A-Team, Blue Thunder, The Young Riders, Hunter, and the daytime drama Capitol. He was nominated in 1995 for a Golden Reel award for his TV work on the series Nowhere Man.

Guy's film work includes 'Lookin' Italian' starring Matt LeBlanc and Lou Rawls (in their first feature film); Stepfather 3, and the cult thriller Retribution (look for it on DVD this year!). His most recent feature directing credit is Children of the Corn: Revelation, based on Stephen King's original story for Dimension Films.

Guy is the founder of the Action/Cut Filmmaking Seminars which provides 'page to screen' industry workshops. He's taught thousands of filmmakers at over 100 weekend seminars in the USA and internationally. He's also the founder of the Action/Cut Short Film Competition, which MovieMaker magazine called one of the 'Top 10 Shorts Festivals in the World for Filmmakers!'

Articles by Guy Magar

The Mystery Defined

Mystery and detective fiction comprises a literature of questions. Who done it, of course, is the classic question. There's also what was done*? How was it done? Why was it done? An even more fundamental question, though, is this: what is a mystery?

Like many seemingly simple questions, this one is remarkably difficult to answer. Every mystery reader would probably answer it differently... (read more)

A Screenwriter's Challenge: Visualization

'Heck, we'll just write them, and let the directors worry about visualization!'

More often than not, and consciously or not, this seems to be the mindset of most writers based on the many hundreds of screenplays that have crossed my desk at all levels of proficiency. Sorry folks, it's called 'motion pictures.' This does not just mean writing movement, or pacing or ac... (read more)